World Tour Wednesday-Argentina

I was excited about today’s meal because I knew that my family would probably love it since it is full of grilled meats and roasted veggies. We learned that Argentina loves meats and so I grilled up some ribeyes and some smoked sausage. Their condiment that makes them famous though is chimichurri, so I bought some premade to have alongside the meat. Then I grilled some zucchini and squash and had roasted basil potatoes, another common dish in Argentina. I thought the meal was simple and delicious, and I loved the vinegary taste of the chimichurri. My family, especially the kids, didn’t love it as much. They pretty much hated the chimichurri. I would have given this meal a higher score, but their scores brought it down. No recipes for this week-just very simple grilled items and chimichurri! Our overall score was:


Next week is France! How in the world are we going to narrow down to one meal with so many delicious options?!

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