World Tour Wednesday-South Korea

Tonight’s World Tour Wednesday was South Korea! Yum, this one was good!

I made Bibimbap, a Korean rice bowl. The base is white rice, and then we topped it with marinated ribeye (the marinade had some green apple, soy sauce, garlic, etc) and a fried egg. You can do all kinds of veggies, but we didn’t get too adventurous and stuck with zucchini and carrots.

The yummiest part is a sauce made with gochujang, a red pepper paste. You put it on top with some sesame seeds and mix it all together to make a delicious bowl of goodness. Trey and I loved it. Rachel and Gus thought it was a bit too spicy, but he can’t handle spice like he used to before his pancreatectomy, so he gets a pass. 😉

Overall, we gave this meal a 8.5/10.

This will be a fun meal to add to the rotation every now and then. They say you first eat with your eyes, and this meal was a pretty one, too!

We used a recipe from Tineats:

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