World Tour Wednesday-Mexico

Today was Mexico and although I could have made something, I knew I wouldn’t do it justice. We have a huge migrant population here from Mexico and every time we pass this food truck in the middle of nowhere just a few miles from us, it’s busy. The thing I’ve noticed though is that most of their patrons are fellow Hispanics…and I knew that it had to be good if they eat there, too. So we decided to just try it out!

I walked up and asked a Mexican gentleman what he likes to order….he said “Everything!!” He was so excited to tell me about some of his favorites. I ordered 4 different entrees so we could all share. When the lady working asked what meat I wanted on the sopes, I told her to surprise me. She seemed really excited about that, too, and happy that someone valued her opinion!

So we ended up with chicken tacos, carne asada, steak quesadilla, and sopes with chicken and steak. I noticed that the food was more like the Mexican food we used to get when we lived in Idaho…more authentic and not slathered in cheese dip like we do in the South. Warm, homemade corn torillas…It was all so delicious, and I loved the salsa verde. Gus liked the carne asada best…we all liked different dishes for different reasons. He said he’ll definitely go back there. He even ate the last bit of guacamole, and he usually doesn’t eat it at all. Lots of food and lots of leftovers!

This was a 9/10. So delicious!

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