World Tour Wednesday-Canada

This was an absolutely insane week here at our home as we are wrapping up things at our homeschool co-op. We had a Beta Club activity, Field Day, co-op day, orthodontist appointment, and so much more! So I was glad it was an easy country today. We pre-chose our countries with a random country wheel online and when I saw Canada in my planner for this week, I was relieved.

We chose to make poutine as a nod toward our Canadian friends. I know that I didn’t do it justice, but it gave us a small taste of one of their signature foods. I was so pressed for time that I just picked up some fries at a fast food place and grabbed a pack of cheddar cheese curds from Aldi. We layered the fries, then cheese curds, and then made a quick batch of beef gravy with some beef broth. It was delicious!

For dessert, my daughter, Rachel, made butter tarts. We used the recipe here and used pecans. They got a little overcooked, but still delicious and reminded me of our pecan pies here in the US.

This was a solid meal, so our votes combined equaled a:


It was good, but we’ve had several more meals that were more flavorful and so it kind of gets placed in the middle of the meals we’ve had.

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