World Tour Wednesday-Cuba

Tonight’s World Tour Wednesday was Cuba!! I hope none of my Cuban friends judge our efforts. 😂

We of course had to make the Cuban sandwich, a grilled sandwich that has marinated pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles. As sides, we had black beans and prebought plaintain chips (with lime flavoring…we love them). I didn’t have time to go to our closest Publix that carries the plaintain chips (about 35 minutes away), so I bought them on Amazon here.

This was a delicious meal! I’d never tried a Cuban but loved it. It is important to grill it as flat as you can, and it gave it a really yummy crispness with the melty cheese inside. We have a few meals that have ranked above it, but out of our 14 weeks of meals so far, we said this one places in a solid #6 or 7. (And we have plenty of leftover pork for dinner tomorrow.) Overall, we gave it an:


For the Cuban recipe, I used the recipe given here: I made the marinade yesterday and let the pork loin marinate in the fridge all day yesterday and today. Then I cooked it in the Instant Pot today for 30 minutes with a natural release. It was falling apart and was so tender! My pork loin was 2.5 lbs and we only used about 12 oz of it, so we have plenty to use tomorrow for leftover (on arepas)!

I have a Pampered Chef grill pan with a heavy cast iron press, so I put a little butter in the pan and pressed it down as much as I could. It made beautiful grill marks and gave it a nice crunchy outside. Delicious!

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