World Tour Wednesday-Vietnam

Today’s World Tour Wednesday was Vietnam! They are most famous for Pho, so that’s what I attempted. I’ve heard so many good things about it, but have never had it so I was excited for something completely brand new to us.

I had read that the broth and spices are most important, so it was a long process…not difficult, but cooked most of the day. I have to say though that I was impressed. It really was SO good! The flavors are unique, but delicious and rich. Gus didn’t vote on this one. He doesn’t care for much Asian food, so he tasted my broth and I had grilled him up a steak because I knew this wasn’t going to be his favorite. Trey was okay with it, but ate it. Rachel and I loved it. Ethan is at work.

So overall, we gave it an:


I’d definitely make it again, but probably just a lunch for the kids and myself. This recipe was intense, so I’ll just share the link that I used. I did have to substitute out a few things because my local grocery store didn’t have the exact meats I needed. I used a huge pack of neck bones in place of the bones they suggested. I’m happy that my broth was still very rich and smooth, but want to try it again with those specific bones. I also didn’t have a ginger root, so I used some squeeze ginger paste and charred it the best I could. In place of the individual spices, I bought a premade pho spice mixture on Amazon. This was a yummy meal!

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