Easy stromboli

Here’s an easy recipe that you can change up with different combinations to make a quick dinner! My family loves it!

First, buy premade pizza dough. This one was in the refrigerated biscuit aisle. Press it out into a baking dish. Make sure your middle portion is not too thick (you don’t want the middle to be raw).

Next, layer your cheese down the middle. I had some sliced mozzarella at home. On top of that, spread a thin layer of sauce. You don’t want too much or it will be very messy. Then top with meatballs. I used frozen ones from Aldi. I followed the directions to microwave them and then layered on top of the sauce.

Use kitchen shears or a knife to cut strips down the sides of the pizza dough. Now you’re going to wrap those strips to the top of your stromboli.

Brush on a mixture of 1/2 stick of butter and a few teaspoons of Italian seasoning.

Now you’ll bake it according to the directions on your pizza dough. Cook until golden brown! Slice and dip into marinara.

I look forward to trying some different variations-pepperoni and sausage, grilled chicken with buffalo sauce and cheese, etc!


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